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Brochure Project

Brochure front and back view

Brochure inside view

Description: Design a two-sided, full bleed, folded brochure with cut-out.


  1. Brainstorm ideas for brochure. My first idea was based on European Easter eggs I had seen recently. That idea morphed from chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies to chocolate in general because those are the images I was able to find in the public domain.
  2. There is an old-fashioned candy store in our city. I haven’t even been there, but I looked up their website and got some ideas. I love chocolate, so it wasn’t hard!
  3. The color scheme came next. I started with chocolate brown and experimented with different color palettes on a couple of websites. I really like the contrast of the green and pink against the brown.
  4. For the logo, I watched this youTube video about making logos from text. I made a couple of duplicates of the letters, changed the colors, and then used a blending mode to make them look like a single object.
  5. I traced over a photo of a chocolate truffle, and sampled the colors from it, in Illustrator to create the candy in the logo. I’m quite happy with how that turned out! The cluster of green dots plays on the “spot” idea from “The Sweet Spot”.
  6. I wanted the front of the brochure to resemble an awning on a candy shop. I considered making the stripes green or pink, but either one would draw too much attention to itself. The two shades of brown, combined with the scalloped edge, create the feeling of the awning and still provide a neutral background for the logo.
  7. To continue the dots from the logo, I placed pink and green dots inside the brochure. Adding a darker dot behind and offset a bit added some depth and more visual interest to the design. For the final draft, I made the main green dot bigger as Bro. Stucki suggested to give the text more space. I also moved the dots around a little to align the design along the 1/3 lines.
  8. I moved the cake cutout image down because it is visually heavy, and enlarged it so it would push into the text. Then, I wrapped the text around it. As Bro. Stucki suggested, I work with the font size, leading, and kerning to make the text wrap better. It was a lot of work, but looks much better.
  9. I added a very thin off-white border around the four images of candy so they would be easier to look at and not blend into the background as much.
  10. On the back, I again worked with the text to give it more space and even up the right end of the lines.
  11. The map is a screenshot image of downtown Bakersfield. I created the pin icon and added text for The Sweet Spot.
  12. For the social media icons, I chose circular PNG images to continue the dot motif.
  13. I had the brochure printed on 11 X 17 – 110 pound matte paper at Office Depot to get the full bleed. I hand cut it out with scissors and an Xacto knife. I rubbed a crease for the fold using a plastic mechanical pencil with no lead. Then I carefully bent the paper on the crease and smoothed it with the handle of my scissors.


On Facebook, Ralph Borcherds suggested a thin white or off-white border around the four candy photos to help them not blend into the background so much.

Brother Stucki advised me to improve the justification of the back text, and the text wrapping on the inside by adjusting the font size, leading, and kerning line by line.

I had several one-on-one critiques at various stages with my daughter Shannon, my husband Tony, and my mom. Each one pointed out small details that needed improvement. My daughter suggested adding the depth to the dots, helped me decide on the background stripe color, and suggested I take out all the hyphenated words (I had several!) so InDesign would not break them at the end of the line and have hyphens, even though I had created a paragraph style without hyphens. My husband helped me arrange the dots and the cake to make a balanced design. Mom pointed out a couple of alignment problems.

Message: The Sweet Spot makes and sells top quality, hand made chocolates and desserts for every occasion.

Audience: People who love chocolate, need a gift for a special person or business client, or want a special dessert for a special occasion.

Top Thing I Learned: Wrapping the text and making it conform to the shape neatly was something I had only done once before, and not nearly as well. Tracing over an image in Illustrator was new, too.

Color Scheme: Chocolate brown, Spring Green, and Fuschia // High Contrast 4 (according to Illustrator), or Complementary + brown

Title Font Name and Category: Spumante // Decorative Script

Body Font Name and Category: Bodoni MT Std //Modern Serif

Thumbnails of Unaltered Images and Sources:

Fancy chocolate cake

Rows of chocolate

Chocolate bark

Four kinds of truffles

European style chocolates









Chocolate Mousse Cake:  Attribution: By Lionel Allorge (Own work) [GFDL (, CC BY-SA      3.0 ( or FAL], via Wikimedia Commons


Chocolate Bark:


Printed Chocolates:

Social Media Icons:  Attribution: Created by –

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4 thoughts on “Brochure Project

  1. Your project turned out so nice! I especially like how you made it look like a candy shop store front. That’s very creative of you. Also adding a map to the back was a nice touch as well. A+ work in my opinion.

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    Classmates Blog:


  2. Kristine, your finished brochure looks beautiful. I would definitely pick it up to read and look at it more. I really like your scalloped edge and color choices, and you did a great job with the text wrap.
    Here is my blog:
    Here is a classmate’s blog:


  3. Hey Kristine,

    I loved your brochure design. This is something that I feel really nailed the market you were shooting for. I can picture this brochure being used at a restaurant or a bakery specializing in desserts. You picked a wonderful color scheme, which immediately brought to mind mint chocolate chips. Great job.

    You can check out my site at:

    You might also want to check out Sarah Sharp’s site at:


  4. This is so much fun! I love the idea to mimic a bakery awning. It worked much better for the cutout than my cookie idea! I also love your color scheme as well!

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    Marci’s blog:


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